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Honed Limestone Tiled Floor Cleaned and Sealed in Marlborough

The photographs below of a Honed Limestone tiles fitted in the living room of a house in Marlborough. The tiles were proving difficult to keep clean especially around the high traffic areas such as the doorway, I suspect the sealer had worn down and dirt was now becoming ingrained in the pores of the stone.

Honed Limestone Before Cleaning in Marlborough

Cleaning Limestone Floor Tiles

The first job was to remove any surface dirt and get the grout clean so a strong dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean was mopped onto the floor and left to dwell for around ten minutes before being scrubbed into the tile and grout lines with a stiff brush. We then removed the dirty cleaning solution with a wet vacuum and rinsed the floor with clean water.

The next step was to burnish the Limestone tiles using a set of diamond burnishing pads starting with the coarse or number 1 pad as it’s known. This is run over the stone in conjunction with a little water and is designed to remove old sealers and other surface coatings and clean at the same time. The resultant milky slurry is the removed using a wet vacuum and the floor rinsed before repeating the whole process with the medium (number 2) pad and fine grade (number 3) pad. The Limestone tiles were then given a final rinse and left to dry overnight. I should point out the Limestone was honed as opposed to polished so there was no need to apply the final pad which is used to bring up the polish on stone.

Sealing Limestone Floor Tiles

I returned the next day to seal the floor checking first that it was dry by taking multiple readings with a damp meter. The result were fine so I was able to move quickly onto sealing the floor for which I used two coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow which is a versatile impregnating sealer that occupies the pores in the stone preventing contaminates from lodging there and enhancing the colours in natural stone.

Honed Limestone After Cleaning and Sealing in Marlborough

Limestone Floor Burnished, Buffed and Sealed in Wiltshire

Victorian Tiled Hallway Floor Restored in Holt

The owner of this house located in the village of Holt had discovered a beautiful Victorian Tiled floor hidden underneath their hallway carpet and made contact with us to get it restored and brought back to life.

Victorian Tiled Floor Restoration in Holt Before

Cleaning a Victorian Tiled Floor

We started by making a strong dilution of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean mixed 50/50 with Nanotech Ultraclean which was applied to the floor and left to soak in to eat through the dirt, dust and marks left behind from the carpet and underlay. Once we let the solution dwell for twenty minutes we attached a black scrubbing pad to a rotary machine and worked the cleaning solution into the tile to remove the dirt and any old sealer that may have been present, then once the cleaning solution became was very dirty it was removed using a wet vacuum.

The cleaning process revealed that there were paint splatters all around the wall edges where decorating had previous taken place and there was also evidence of carpet adhesive remaining on the tile. To remove this a solution of Tile Doctor Remove & Go was applied to the stubborn areas and left to dwell for ten minutes before being agitated with a stiff deck brush and a floor scraper. Once the edges were to a satisfactory level we then rinsed the area several times with fresh water to ensure any trace of cleaning product had been removed before sealing again using a wet vacuum to remove the water and also to dry the floor as much as possible before leaving for the evening.

Sealing a Victorian Floor Sealing

Upon our return the next day we did a damp test to make sure the floor was ready to be sealed. The test was positive so we then sealed the Victorian tiles with five coats of Seal & Go which both protects the floor against spills and traffic but also enhances the colours of each tile.

Victorian Tiled Floor Restoration in Holt After

Victorian Tiled Hallway Restoration in Wiltshire

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