Quarry tiled floor Deep Cleaned in Brinkworth

This house in Brinkworth was once a pub so as you can imagine the quarry tiled floor has certainly seen some foot traffic and abuse over the years. The owner contacted us to see if they were able to keep it as a feature entrance hall so we carried out a test which went very well and they booked us to do the work straight away.

Cleaning and Sealing Quarry Tiles in Brinkworth Before

Cleaning Quarry Tiles

Due to the level of ingrained dirt we started by covering the floor in Tile Doctor Remove & Go which is a very strong product usually reserved for removing coatings such as sealers from tile. We let it dwell for 10-15 minutes before working it in with a black scrubbing pad attached to a rotary machine; we scrubbed the area making sure that we covered it thoroughly. At this point It became apparent that there were many pitted areas with ingrained dirt so the process was repeated using a nylon scrub brush attached to the rotary machine to help get into all the pitted tiles. We then went round scraping any adhesives, paint or existing seal with a Stanley scraper.

Once we were happy with the result we then removed the slurry with a wet vacuum and rinsed with cold clean water several times with the aid of a deck brush to make sure ALL trace of cleaning product was removed. This process took most of the day and made a significant improvement to the state of the floor which was still quite damp at this stage so we left for the evening agreeing to come back in three days’ time to give the floor sufficient time to dry.

Cleaning and Sealing Quarry Tiles in Brinkworth Cleaned

Sealing Quarry Tiles

Upon our return we used a damp meter in several areas to check the floor had dried, most sealers won’t take to a damp floor and you can get unexpected results so it’s important to check first. The test results were fine so we started sealing the floor using Tile Doctor Seal and Go which is a water based sealer that doesn’t give off a smell whilst its drying, it also adds a subtle sheen to the tile and enhance the look of the floor as well as protecting the tile from future staining.

Cleaning and Sealing Quarry Tiles in Brinkworth Sealed

Old Quarry tiled floor deep cleaned in old Wiltshire

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